Recital, 12 May

The Artist Residence set up as a recital hall

The room in anticipation

The recital we planned with Lisa and Nabi was one of those strange events in life where you have no idea what to expect but you just take the plunge.  I woke up in the night a few days prior to the recital thinking that I should be worried, I should have doubts, but in truth, I felt very calm, even confident that it was going to be terrific. And it was.

I had mixed feelings as I stood up to welcome the group of 40 people who arrived to hear the music. Part of me wanted to give an elaborate speech thanking everyone for their support and help to get this project off the ground. Part of me wanted to tell them about our wonderful week in Lisa’s company. Most of me wanted to hide behind the piano as I hate public speaking, especially if I have to do it in French! But the moment felt very special and I realized that it wasn’t about the building, the renovation, the cool lights in the kitchen that Karl made, the great polenta pizza that Lisa and I improvised, or the wanderings around the chateau we did earlier in the week.. it was about the music. And the audience felt very receptive and open. So I said as few words as possible and got out of the way to let Lisa and Nabi speak for themselves.

There is little point in trying to capture a moment like that in words, The music spoke and we listened. The room carried its weight in our collective memories and was somehow lightened by so much beautiful

Lisa and Nabi

energy flowing through it. That space was made for music and it touched me very profoundly to have it once again used as such.

(Lisa, in a moment of self-doubt, signaled me over in middle of the concert and asked if the audience had had enough. I think, had she stopped, she would have been mobbed by angry fans, desperate for more.  Thankfully, she carried on and honestly, she could have carried on all night and everyone would have stayed.)



The party afterwards, was great and did, as parties do, carried on much too late …but the hangover Sunday morning was worth it.

Nabi and his family


All gone!




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