Flute Masterclass

Warm up in the garden

The whole week of the flute workshop I kept thinking about this silly joke I once heard: How many flutists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: 10, 1 to put it in and 9 to say they could have done it better.

Thankfully, the 9 flutists attending the Fall In Love With Your Flute Again workshop last week were not of that mold in any way.We were very impressed with the attentive listening, the compliments, the thoughtful remarks and the total absence of competitiveness during the week.It was a lovely group of people.

Deirdre McArdle Manning

Each day began with a yoga session, led by our terrific instructor, Jane Saune. Our original plan to practice outside was foiled by soggy weather so we met in the salon of the Chateau early each morning. She led us through a mixture of poses, meditations and breathing exercises which helped set a calm, even tone for each day. A brisk walk down the hillside to Bordeneuve followed by breakfast helped everyone wake up and then either Deirdre or Nora Lee led a morning warm-up session.

The students then dispersed to practice or have a lesson or to sit and have some quiet time. Everyone got a chance to play with Deiran, our super accompanist who showed incredible endurance and stamina in the face of having to play the Dutilleux, Sancan and Poulenc over and over again!  Each day ended with an informal class or chamber music session, dinner and then a sleepy walk up the hill to go to bed.


On Wednesday we held a masterclass with over 15 flutists in attendance and everyone got a turn to play a bit and receive commentary from Deirdre and Nora Lee.

Masterclass Participants

Masterclass Participants


Saturday we took everyone to market in St Girons and had lunch and a wander in the medieval town of St. Lizier. It was a very satisfying week for everyone  Рso many ideas were shared and alliances formed. Thanks to everyone who made this workshop such a pleasure and success.







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