Rebecca Stebbins, Painter

Rebecca Stebbins at the Bordeneuve Artist Retreat France

Rebecca Stebbins, Painter

I knew Rebecca and I were going to get along when I saw the Gloria Swanson quote on her website

“All creative people should be required to leave California for three months every year.”

Having grown up in the Bay Area, I understand the prudence of that statement. One can get a sort of tunnel vision living there. Rebecca is the inverse: raised in the midwest, she transplanted herself to southern California for love many years ago.  As an adult, she started painting and developed (as so many do) a love affair with the light and the landscape of our beautiful state. But she hasn’t forgotton that it is not the only place in the world and that people live to a different rhythm elsewhere. And thus, as a passionate painter of landscapes, she travels.

Rebecca is typical of the people we attract in that she has a very full life outside of her art. Family, garden, pets and a teaching job all make demands on her time and so she dedicates a few weeks every summer to travelling in landscapes that speak to her and painting them. This is a woman who lives very deeply in the moment. At Bordeneuve she painted in the morning, practiced yoga indoors, away from the intense noon sun and carried on painting in the afternoons.   She then relaxed in the setting sun with us over a glass of rosé and a light meal. Rainy days had us rummaging through cupboards for interesting bottles and food for still-lifes and on sunny days we set out in the car looking for beautiful places to paint (of which we have no shortage…!). She writes “I can’t stay enough about how much I gained from my stay there. Not only was my painting experience wonderfully productive, the retreat itself was so beneficial for my wellbeing…I loved being in that space, and the simplicity and slower pace helped contribute to my peace of mind.”

Rebecca exhibits regularly around Santa Barbara, CA and has graciously allowed me to share a few paintings with you – these are a few of my favourites:

A view of the Pyrenees


Study in blue and orange













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