Annie Higgins on flexing her ‘I don’t give a – ” muscle

I’ve been home from my residency at Bordeneuve for a little over two months now, and it literally feels like it happened in another world, on another planet, devoid of time and space. It feels like a time in my life when time stopped.

Back at home in Chicago, I […]

Elin Gunnlaugsdottir, Composer

Elin at work on the balcony

Elin at work on the balcony

Tell us a little about your background in music… I started with the piano at the age of nine and I studied the piano for a long time. After I finished high school I studied music education at the Reykjavík College of Music and graduated with a Diploma […]

Flute Masterclass

Warm up in the garden

Warm up in the garden

The whole week of the flute workshop I kept thinking about this silly joke I once heard: How many flutists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: 10, 1 to put it in and 9 to say they could have done it better.

Thankfully, the 9 flutists […]

Recital, 12 May

The room in anticipation

The recital we planned with Lisa and Nabi was one of those strange events in life where you have no idea what to expect but you just take the plunge. I woke up in the night a few days prior to the recital thinking that I should be worried, I […]

Lisa Lanza, Pianist

Lisa at the 2009 Ediburgh Festival

Lisa at the 2009 Ediburgh Festival

It’s been a huge pleasure to have the company of Lisa Lanza, a Washington-based pianist, this past week.

Over many late-night meals she has told us about her careers in medical records, as a café owner, and as a bookkeeper; about her vegetable garden, her cats, her husband’s […]