Amanda Johnson and Anthony Lynch

Amanda Johnson

I was going to introduce Anthony and Amanda by way of a salute to the Pyreneen Death March* that we unwittingly dragged them on during their stay with us, but I’ve thought better of it. What I would rather say to start, is that these two are quite simply, remarkable people. They have a […]

Merna Hecht and Rob Crawford, Writers-in-Residence

Merna Hecht


We had the tremendous pleasure of sharing Merna Hecht and Rob Crawford’s company for several weeks this spring. We loved their stories about life on a blueberry farm in Washington as well as learning about what experiences made them both who they are today. Both Merna and Rob have participated on […]

Alex Muller, Poet-in-Residence

We hosted Alex Muller, a young poet from South Carolina this past month and are happy to share some of the poetry he wrote here as well his song Red House. Alex is younger than most of our residents, but we were inspired by his determination and forthrightness. Here are a few of his reflections […]