Her rampant imagination

In April every year, Irina Pivavorova sneaks silently out the door, leaving her daughters in the care of her husband, the snow to melt in the cool Moscow light and her TV shows (she is one of the most sought after screenwriters in Russia) to take care of themselves. She arrives here at Bordeneuve, spreads […]

Shifting Skies

From the Lane by Claire Thorson

From the Lane by Claire Thorson


Retreat indeed. The beautiful stone barn in its tucked away surroundings was a sanctuary. It was luxury to wake up to such thorough quietude. The depth of green, the hidden movements of wildlife, the flow of time unimpeded by schedules and deadlines, were triggers to a deeper […]

Amanda Johnson and Anthony Lynch

Amanda Johnson

I was going to introduce Anthony and Amanda by way of a salute to the Pyreneen Death March* that we unwittingly dragged them on during their stay with us, but I’ve thought better of it. What I would rather say to start, is that these two are quite simply, remarkable people. They have a […]

Rebecca Stebbins, Landscape Painter

Rebecca Stebbins in Maine


Rebecca Stebbins in Maine

We once again had the pleasure of hosting Californian landscape painter Rebecca Stebbins. Rebecca is a woman that one can’t help but admire: smart, a bit sassy, very articulate, focused and able to live fully in the moment. We loved her paintings last year and we loved her paintings […]

Merna Hecht and Rob Crawford, Writers-in-Residence

Merna Hecht


We had the tremendous pleasure of sharing Merna Hecht and Rob Crawford’s company for several weeks this spring. We loved their stories about life on a blueberry farm in Washington as well as learning about what experiences made them both who they are today. Both Merna and Rob have participated on […]