Amanda Johnson and Anthony Lynch

Amanda Johnson

I was going to introduce Anthony and Amanda by way of a salute to the Pyreneen Death March* that we unwittingly dragged them on during their stay with us, but I’ve thought better of it. What I would rather say to start, is that these two are quite simply, remarkable people. They have a […]

Artist-in-Residence Anna Caione

Anna at work


Anna Caione, artist in residence

Australian artist Anna Caione is delightfully complex. Her work reflects her own contradictions, her restlessness, her transplanted roots, her ease with city life and her yearning for a simpler existence, outside the city. Her work is delicate and loving, almost ephemeral and in some ways unsettling. An endless […]

2012 Season – Official Opening

The park in full flower

The park in full flower


The golden orioles, hoopoos and black woodpeckers have arrived so spring is fully (and finally!) underway. AMICS is hosting a group of artists as varied, colorful and fascinating as our resident birds this year. We have several exciting events planned for you this summer, starting with a concert […]