Entering Dreamland

At the end of the summer, I had the pleasure of hosting the young writer, Heidi Hamalainen, who set herself the enormous task of seriously advancing her first novel while here. This is a copy of the post that Heidi put up later on her blog, UrbanJungleBird. Heidi is not only a talented writer but […]

Health and Guidance


On a sunny morning at Bordeneuve, there is a good chance that you would find yourself curled up in a wicker chair on the balcony, soaking in the sun and birdsong. If you were to glance up from your book, coffee, or writing pad, you would see a rectangular panel in a soft, […]


Edith and Blanchette

Edith & Blanchette, Rebecca Stebbins, 2013

Poor Edith and Blanchette. Life is rough for our two chickens when it rains non-stop for days on end. They shelter either under the solar panels or on the terrace of the barn, but in neither place do they look happy. When it gets really wet, or snows, […]

Shoshanna Ahart and Andreas Karlstetter


Do dinosaurs love flowers? We think that in this case, we have proof. Andreas Karlstetter a hyper-talented technical artist draws dinosaurs for the Jura Museum in Eichstaett, Germany. His drawings captivate and transport you to another world, but the one thing he loves even more than dinosaurs is his incredibly talented wife, Shoshanna. Shoshanna moved […]

Alex Muller, Poet-in-Residence

We hosted Alex Muller, a young poet from South Carolina this past month and are happy to share some of the poetry he wrote here as well his song Red House. Alex is younger than most of our residents, but we were inspired by his determination and forthrightness. Here are a few of his reflections […]